As a 43-year veteran educator, I have tutored students from kindergarten through college level, including those seeking grade level promotion, GED, ACT, SAT, and organizing the workload of the college student. My strong English background, coupled with having six years of Latin, has enabled me to coach students in preparing research papers, and even completing Doctoral Dissertations. I have created techniques I call “test besting” to help students finish standardized tests in the time allotted. For this service, I charge $30.00 per hour.

I am a professional content and technical editor. I proof completed manuscripts for content to be sure the reader understands the “who, what, where and why” of the book. I do technical editing to be sure grammar and syntax are in order, and the work is free of spelling errors. I’ve conducted writing workshops, and I begin by saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” meaning that once you publish a document with your name on it, you can expect to be judged as a worthy or unworthy author by those who read your work. For this service, I charge $50.00 per hour, and can have the client meet me in person or communicate with me via emails and attachments until the manuscript is completed to the satisfaction of the client.

I am a ghost writer! When someone has a passionate message to “birth out,” but can’t find the words, I’m able to listen to the story and offer words that have, to date, been just what the author needed to write the book. My Heavenly gift is the ability to write well and to bring readers into the world of the main characters. My name appears in the book as the “editor,” and the person with the story or vision is the author. For this service, I charge $65.00 per hour, and have the author sit with me at least once, so I get a full picture of the task before us. I need to glean the content and target audience before I can independently write copy to send back and forth between the author and me, until the book is completed. No charge for re-writes, based on input from the author of the story.

I can provide technical writing assistance and proofreading for individuals, companies and businesses who use brochures, manuals, booklets, websites and/or who engage regularly in written communication. For this service, I charge $50.00 per hour, and only need to receive the document needing proofreading or editing, via email, fax or mail.

Finally, I am available for speaking engagements on the following topics, and my fee is $350.00, plus travel expenses for an hour presentation, followed by informal dialogue:

  • HOODLESS KLAN or the subjects of racism, what good and bad charter schools look like, taking a stand against injustice.
  • FINDING HUMOR IN GRIEF, or the subjects of finding one’s way back from sorrow to living life within a “new normal,” recognizing God’s hand in our struggles and successes, increasing personal faith through healing from grief.
  • Turning a failing school around, sharing my true story of turning a school ranked “double F” to one ranked “B+” in just two years, using unorthodox strategies with teachers and students. My fee for this service is $350.00 for the initial presentation, and $100.00 per day for follow up visits or working one-on-one with staff.
  • Mentoring teachers to become Master Teachers, and new principals to become true Instructional Leaders within schools K-12. My fee for this service is $350.00 for the initial presentation, and $100.00 per day for follow up visits or working one-on-one with administrators or select staff.